Beauty Tips

Regular trims keep your hair healthy and allow it to grow quicker.

  • Depending on the thickness of your hair you should try and fit in a visit to the hairdressers every 6-to-8 weeks.


Comb your hair when it's wet rather than using a hairbrush to prevent split ends.


Always run your fingers through your hair after styling with tongs or straighteners, especially if you're curling your hair, it will give it more texture and make the finishing piece look less uniform.


For smooth, sleek hair always use a real bristle brush.

  • It will also help reduce split ends as bristle brushes are softer on hair.

  • Only brush your hair twice a day though, as over brushing can leave it feeling greasy and lank.


Hair oil can be used as a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment to give your scalp and hair extra nourishment.

  • Simply massage it into hair from root to tip and leave on for at least 20-minutes before shampooing hair as normal. 


Ensure your hair is 100% dry before you go to bed.

  • Whilst asleep, your head is in direct contact with the pillow for 6-8 hours and so if it's wet, water can't evaporate, the result is that your scalp over-compensates by creating extra sebum.

  • So, in essence, hair gets oilier quicker if you go to bed with it wet. 


When blow-drying, start at one side, then do the back, the other side and lastly front.

  • The back is hardest so never leave until last!